Located in Pöljä in North Savo, on Highway E63, 30 km north of Kuopio  and 7 km north of Siilinjärvi, the Ceramics Studio Jenni Linnove is an interesting tourist attraction.

The shop and workshop are in the renovated former cowshed of the Lassila Farm, which belongs to Jenni's family and dates back to the 18th century.

The setting of the Ceramics Studio is a cultural-historical sight that radiates peaceful rural life: visitors are welcomed by the almost 100-year-old oak in the yard,
old buildings, and colourful hens and cocks walking in the shade of the vegetation.

The Ceramics Studio shop also sells products made by other craft entrepreneurs. Sales exhibitions and events are organised throughout the year
– the Lassila Christmas has become a  tradition and in summers visitors can see high-quality craft and design exhibitions in the cowshed loft.

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